Whether you’re looking for a new dessert to try out or revisiting a classic, we’ve got every sweet tooth covered for sweet treats in the city! From the new popular souffle pancakes at Kumo Desserts to a taste of Italy at Gusto Gelato, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your craving. 

Kumo Desserts 

Kumo Desserts has brought the social media craze of souffle pancakes to Perth. Originating from the streets of Tokyo, Kumo translates to cloud in Japanese which is what you’ll experience dining in at Kumo. The fluffy cloud-like pancakes were first introduced to Perth through pop-up store Kumokumo, before setting up shop in Northbridge. 

Kumo Desserts offer a dine-in only experience for their souffle pancakes, with an array of tiramisu treats and special drinks to choose from as well. Kumo’s philosophy is simple: combining precise Japanese cooking methods with the freshest, locally-sourced products. Their signature flavours include Sunny Hunny, Mango Tango, Choco Cloud and their flavour of the month Biscoffee.