Purna Rai & Dajubhaiharu

Jack Rabbit Slim’s
Sunday, 14 July 2024

Purna Rai is an innovative artist in contemporary Nepali music. He blends traditional folk rhythms with modern arrangements to create a mesmerising fusion of folk-rock and world music that has garnered him fans worldwide. His unique style of bridging cultural boundaries is perfect for Jack Rabbit Slim’s stage and he’ll be joined by Daju bhai and Bhutanese artist Kenny Lhendup. This is Purna Rai’s first time performing to a Perth crowd, so show this exceptional artist some love and grab this incredible opportunity to hear this musical exploration and revel in the cultural celebration. 

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Metro City 
Tuesday, 16 July 2024

Fletcher, the talented pop artist from New Jersey USA is captivating audiences with her passionate lyrics and powerhouse vocals. The singer/songwriter has claimed the spotlight with her talent for blending heartfelt storytelling with catchy pop beats. Who cares if your heart is breaking when the bop is this good? She’s heading to Metro City to celebrate her critically acclaimed album Girl of My Dreams. Don’t miss her electrifying and fresh performance where she’ll perform hits like “Undrunk” and “Biter” and other tracks on her latest album. 

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Louis Rebeiro & The Blues Machine

The Ellington Jazz Club
Tuesday, 16 July 2024

Check out some of Perth’s finest jazz players at the Ellington. Louis Rebeiro is a musical virtuoso who has a long career playing a wide spectrum of music including blues, jazz, rock and country. With The Blues Machine consisting of Felix Lemann and Mckale Barrett, they’ll be delivering their talents for a night of blues and rock music. Expect to hear legendary masters like Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin served with their unique flavour. Also promised on the night will also be the group’s original songs. The trio are known for their high energy and passionate performance so if you’re looking for an unforgettable mid-week musical experience you’ve found it.

The Music of Carole King & James Taylor: Performed by Deborah Conway & Darren Coggan

Perth Concert Hall
Saturday, 27 July 2024

Carole King and James Taylor were music royalty back in the 1970s. The two prolific songwriters were married for 11 years and had two children together. During their union, King and Taylor wrote and performed together songs that endure to this day. Australian songstress Deborah Conway and award-winning country singer Darren Coggan relive the memories with a show that delves into both artist's work. Conway will dip into King’s seminal work Tapestry and earlier cuts while Coggan will deliver classics like Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” and “Shower the People”. Along the way discover how these two legends in their own right forged such a strong union that still leaves an indelible mark on today's songwriters.

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Lynott’s Lounge
Wednesday, 31 July 2024

Metalcore fans rise up, Thrown the Swedish metal band tore it up with their debut single “greyout” in 2021 and are making their first Australian appearance in Perth at Lynott’s Lounge. Their approach to songwriting is melodic death metal that’s aggressive with an intricate vibe. Think blistering riffs with harmonious melodies, Scandinavian metal with laser-focussed technical prowess. It’s music that grabs you by the scruff and won't let go until the final guitar riff dies away. Joining them on the night will be End It All, Pincer+, Darkmatter & No Pity rounding out what will be an unforgettable night for Perth metal fans. Grab your tickets and prepare to sweat.

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