Starting strong with Long Chim, a classic located in the basement of State Buildings. This spot will take you right to the street markets of Thailand right in the heart of our city.  You'll find street-food classics such as Pad Thai or Thai Green Curry are on the menu as well as our must-have at every visit, chinese broccoli and roast pork. Long Chim truly has it all in terms of eats, drinks and a decor to top it all off. The restaurant name means 'come and taste' in Thai, so take this as your friendly suggestion to head down and do exactly that! 

For those who work in the CBD, make sure you use a break to visit the Long Chim Tuck Shop. Grab yourself a delicious lunch on the go with a range street food favourites that are fast and full of flavour, Monday to Friday 11am - 2.30pm!