Move and groove with a Fringe music show

There’s a huge variety of music genres on the Fringe program. Get nostalgic with Chart Toppers: Hits Through the Decades, dance the night away to high-energy Latin rhythms at Havana Nights - Cuban Young Guns under the Stars featuring Adam Hall or be transported to Europe with gypsy jazz at Sassafras Swings

You’ll also find tribute shows to all your favourite pop, rock, soul and jazz icons (from ABBA, Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Aretha Franklin through to Ziggy Stardust), as well as curious combinations that guarantee a unique experience. Dance music with a Bavarian brass band? You’ll find that at An 80s Dance Floor Oom-pah-ty. Old-school rock classics played by a head-banging 10-piece sax ensemble? Say hello to Sax Rockers: ON FIRE! 

Or for an original, one-off performance where absolutely anything could happen, try Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical.

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