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World Energy Cities Partnership AGM


The City of Perth is proud to host the World Energy Cities Partnership from 1 to 3 November 2023

We have worked with our WECP partners and local industry representatives to deliver an exciting program and itinerary options so you can make the most of your visit to our city. We look forward to welcoming you to Perth!


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  • About Perth

    Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, a vast State that is blessed with an extraordinary trove of mineral and petroleum resources. In 2021, over 37% of iron ore and 52% of the world’s lithium was supplied from Western Australia, among other exports, including LNG, petroleum, nickel, alumina and gold.
    As the only Australian member city of the WECP, Perth is a renowned centre of excellence for mining technology, mining services and a hub for scientific and technological innovation in the oil and gas sector, particularly in the areas of subsea exploration and production, marine services and geophysical surveying. We are also the headquarters of the biggest operators in the energy and resources sector, including Chevron, Woodside and Shell.
    The Perth Central Business District is also nestled against the scenic Swan River, with the capital flanked by breathtaking natural beauty, pristine beaches and vibrant cultural scenes that await your exploration. Get ready to immerse yourself in the warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and diverse experiences that make Perth an unforgettable destination and an energy city of the future.


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  • About the City of Perth

    The City of Perth is a dynamic local government that manages sustainable development and renewal of the City and its assets, and provides services and facilities to our residents, commercial and retail businesses, workers, and local, national and international visitors.


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  • Learn more about the World Energy Cities Partnership
    The World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) connects leading energy cities on all continents that are committed to fostering the transition to a more sustainable energy future. Ongoing since 1996, WECP member cities have met on an annual basis to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities associated with the energy sector, the green transition, and liveable cities.

    WECP mayors and officers attend meetings during the AGM event to share expertise and explore collaboration opportunities between the cities, to drive the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

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  • Facilitating your visit and itinerary
    Please reach out to us via email at

    Our dedicated team is here to assist you in planning your itinerary and establishing introductions with key businesses and leaders in your areas of interest.

    We are also at hand to support any aspects of your visit to Perth, including welcoming and collecting you on arrival. We look forward to hosting you!

“It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest congratulations to the City of Perth for being chosen as the host city for this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM). 
The AGM serves as a crucial platform for WECP members to come together, exchange ideas, and shape the future of our cities. This is an opportunity not only to witness the remarkable progress and achievements of Perth, but also to contribute to the collective strength of our partnership.
Perth provides an ideal backdrop for meaningful discussions and invaluable networking opportunities and I want to encourage you to participate and register for the event.
I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in Perth in November." 

Jesper Frost Rasmussen — WECP President and Mayor of Esbjerg (Demark) Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.0)

Mayor Jesper Frost

“As the only Australian member city of the WECP, the City of Perth is proud to host the 2023 AGM. Western Australia is a hub of energy resources, production and expertise, and we have so much valuable knowledge and success to share with our global partners as we all work towards a sustainable energy future." 

Basil Zempilas —Lord Mayor of the City of Perth

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    The City of Perth boasts an array of premium bars, cafes and restaurants all located within walking distance in our lovely CBD. Western Australia produces some of the world’s highest quality, fresh ingredients underpinning our immense culinary scene.

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