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Shine bright in the City of Light

The City of Perth has launched its new brand campaign “Shine bright in the City of Light".

The campaign reinforces the city’s position as the City of Light by showing the people of greater Perth how an adventure in our beautiful city can make them shine.

The inspiration behind the City of Perth's new brand campaign, "Shine bright in the City of Light," stems from Perth’s moniker, the City of Light.

American astronaut John Glenn's reference to Perth as the "City of Light" during his orbit of the Earth in 1962 further solidified this identity. As Glenn flew over Perth, he commented on the bright lights shining amidst the darkness, capturing the world's attention and contributing to Perth's luminous reputation. This moniker reflects both the city's physical environment and its cultural significance in Nyoongar tradition, where light symbolises rebirth and vitality.

The commercial follows a group of dancers, who are inspired to break from a rehearsal to go and explore the city in a new light. They move through iconic city locations in unique and intriguing ways (skateboarding, dancing, parkour), having a fabulous time interacting with the city and each other.

From sunlight to city lights, the film celebrates the way light interacts with the built and natural environments, from gleaming sun-coloured buildings to the glinting Derbarl Yerrigan / Swan River, and on to the glittering light-filled skyline. It also brings the metaphorical light of the city to life – the lightness of uplifting experiences and connecting with others, of being part of something bigger than the everyday.

The ad blends high culture with street culture, in a contemporary, youthful, and energetic way – to deliver a sense of feel-good Perth pride to those who watch it. 

There are three interwoven components of the ad – the iconic locations of the city, the connection and movement of the cast and, of course, the soundtrack.

“Westside” by The Moving Stills was chosen as the city’s brand anthem. The laid back yet energetic music mirrors the city’s unique vibe, with lyrics that reveal the true gift of a city – that sense of connection, and of possibility.

The ad was shot over two days in February and features six talented local dancers and skaters exploring 10 uniquely Perth locations – some iconic and well known, others more unique. Elizabeth Quay, Wolf Lane, the City of Perth library and the AGWA roof top all make a special appearance, alongside His Majesty’s Theatre.


Featured venues

Central Perth
Elizabeth Quay
Central Perth
Wolf Lane