King Tea

It’s not unusual to see a bit of a crowd at this bubble tea emporium on Newcastle Street as regulars gather like bees to honey for its bubble teas, frappes and yoghurts. The menu changes with the seasons so there’s always something new and the store (there are now 14 nationwide) uses high quality Sri Lankan tea leaves for its brews. King Tea claims the crown as founder of cheese foam, a sort of savoury cream cheese topping for the teas.


Presotea added its limited edition Thai Milk Tea recently; this drink combines the sweetness of condensed milk with the flavours of a freshly brewed strong, spiced black tea. With a bubble tea shop on just about every corner the challenge for brewers is to keep coming up with new and exciting tastes and this team delivers. Presotea has its roots in Taiwan and has 16 stores now through the Perth metropolitan area alone. It’s special espresso-style brewing gives it a leg up from the competition.