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Wild West Charters

Wild West Charters offers Perth's most unique guided river tours right from the front door steps of the cities CBD at Elizabeth Quay. 

Their amazing Swan River Eco-Adventure tours are suitable for all ages from the very young' to the young at heart. They offer "Fast' Smooth and Dry" guided tours at set times daily in smaller more personalized groups that "take you the furthest' to show you the most" 

With their sensational vessels they offer different set runs and with "jet-propulsion" they can take you to places where no other charter operation can get too. They differentiate from other river tourism operations where they travel close to the river banks in the shallow water and actually stop at points of interest to explain the unique aspects of Perth. They specialize in showcasing the cities amazing views including the park lands, Perth's amazing riverside real estate, and incredible wildlife with in the river systems. They also take you to points of interest on their set routes and stop and inform their passengers about Perth's History both Colonial and Aboriginal.

The wildlife that can be observed includes the abundant local aquatic bird life like the iconic black Swans, the resident Ospreys, Pelicans and much more. The absolute highlight to Wild West Charters tours is finding the Wild Swan River Indo-Pacific Dolphin pod that resides with-in the river system. Over the years they have spend countless hours along side them and built up a trusting relationship with the wild pod that permanently resides in the Swan and Canning rivers where a close encounter is almost guaranteed when they are located, and they are located daily! To watch them feeding in the wild is an amazing sight often this happens right in front of their guests. 

West Charters - Wild For the Wildlife - Wild For the Adventure - Wild for the Wild life - Wild for the ride. Come and see for yourself why many say they are the "BEST IN THE WEST" book online at 


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