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Modu Bar and Kitchen

MODU Bar & Kitchen

MODU, translated to City of Sins or Magic depending on one’s inclination, an endearing name for the City of ShangHai, coined by the infamous Japanese writer Akutagawa Ryunosuke in 1921 after his eye opening adventure that lasted 120 days through a China that had just lifted its imperial curtains to the World and was a cauldron of unfettered mixture of Eastern and Western culture.

It is this mysterious exciting allure that MODU Bar & Kitchen will draw upon from its namesake. Intimate booths scattered throughout the venue, high bar stools and tables for casual drinks and nibbles, and a beautifully adorned enclosed VIP room for corporate or private gatherings.

The kitchen uses a blend of oriental flavours to reimagine favourites and create delicious pairings like Peking Duck Tacos and char-grilled Oysters. All the action will be on full display in our state of the art open kitchen designed to provide a visual as well as a culinary feast.

While the emerald jeweled themed island bar is the heart of the venue. Our mixologists will shake and slosh mystical elixirs that will be an amusement to behold and a party on the palate. Be prepared for “smoking” BaiJiu KungFu Tea and mouth-watering Sours steeped in sweet-scented herbs from the Far-East.  For the purists, we will be offering an extensive range of spirits, and an exclusive curated selection which is available by the bottle and comes with a personal glass display locker allowing it to be enjoyed over multiple visits.

During the weekend, the venue will come alive with a variety of live entertainment, and will stay open till late like the city that never sleeps.

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