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Miss Mi Asian Kitchen

Miss Mi Asian Kitchen

Follow Miss Mi as she travels the South East, embracing the new while honouring the past. Awaken your senses with an exotic blend of smoke, aromatics and spice.

Miss Mi (蜜) which means 'honey’, personifies our refined and modern approach to traditional Asian dining. As the Chinese proverb goes, 'Preserve the old, but know the new'.
Miss Mi’s South East Asian menu showcases premium in-season Western Australian produce in an exotic blend of modern interpretation and ancient tradition. 
Generous ‘wow’ dishes and eclectic small plates encourage the spirit of sharing a meal with friends, family or colleagues in true South East Asian style - from casual lunches to special occasion dining.
Led by Executive Chef Sharath Kancharla, Miss Mi’s culinary team of talented chefs specialise in celebrating the intoxicating flavours and cooking styles of the East, many coming from across Asia - including Korea, the Philippines, Southern India and more.
Designed to be shared. Better with friends. From Bangkok to Beijing, Miss Mi is an authentic journey that goes beyond tasty.
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