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Besk is a public house influenced by our love of the great local dining and drinking establishments from around the world.


The establishment is named after the old danish term Besk, describing a type of flavour profile, and highlighting our commitment towards ingredients (and community experiences) free of unnecessary pretension. We’re not changing the world here - and we don’t wish to.

We love a good public house where anyone can pull up a stool and strike up a conversation, or read the newspaper over a pint. A place that’s comfortable, welcoming, relaxed, yet always moving, and not afraid to combine the new with the old. That’s Besk. You won’t find any tomatoes in winter, or celeriac in summer; the menu is focused on seasonality and availability, highlighting the finest ingredients from our favourite farmers and producers. And our taps and shelves constantly alternate depending on our moods.

That’s just the way we think a good local should be.

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