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Plateia sculpture on lake street

Lake Street Plateia

Celebrating and recognising Northbridge’s well-established Greek community, is the Plateia Hellas (‘Plateia’ meaning centre or square in Greek and ‘Hellas’ is the ancient Greek name for Greece).

This public piazza has become a gateway to the Northbridge entertainment district and is situated on Lake Street between Aberdeen and Newcastle Streets.

The stone and water Nexus sculpture is the feature of the area and is designed by Simon Gauntlet and Russell Kingdom based on classical Greek architecture.

A relaxed space, the Plateia is surrounded by Mediterranean style trees and landscaping inviting you to stop, sit and spend some time simply watching the world go by… it is also a favoured city venue for performances, markets and festivals.  

Close to cafes, shops, alfresco and dining, it is one of the cultural features of central Northbridge.