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RPH museum car

Royal Perth Hospital Museum

The Royal Perth Hospital Museum takes visitors on a walk through the colourful history of the Hospital from its opening in 1855 through to the present day.

The original Colonial Hospital building still stands on the corner of Murray Street and Victoria Square, although additions and extensions now hide its Murray Street facade. 

The Museum is located next door in the 1894 Administration Building, originally constructed to house Nurse’s and Matron’s Quarters, a dispensary, Outpatient’s Surgery and consulting rooms. 

The medical equipment of the past provides a fascinating insight into the social development of Perth and the changes constantly taking place in the field of medicine and healthcare.

The collection includes early anaesthetic equipment and surgical instruments, nurses’ uniforms, photographs, an iron lung and early teaching aids.

One of the most valued artefacts in the Museum is a box containing the first x-ray equipment in Australia. Imported from France by Dr W. J. Hancock, the Cold Cathode X-ray tubes assisted in examining patients in the early 1900s.

The museum’s purpose is to encourage appreciation of the history of WA’s longest serving hospital, renowned for its contribution to innovation and excellence in medical research, patient care and teaching. 

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