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mia mias

Mia Mias - Stolen Generations Artwork

A significant public artwork acknowledging the Stolen Generations has officially opened in Wellington Square.

Created by artist Sandra Hill - Elder and Custodian of the Wadandi (salt water) people – Mia Mias is a dedicated place of healing in the north-west corner of the square.

The artwork features a central beacon incorporating the male and female feathers of the red-tailed black cockatoo (Kaarak), surrounded by five traditional dwellings (mia mias).

To finalise the work, the footprints of Sandra’s grandchildren were cemented into the concrete.

Artist Sandra Hill said as member of the Stolen Generations, she understood the grief, loss and heartbreak the community continued to experience.

The City of Perth worked closely with Yokai, Bringing Them Home Committee WA and the broader Aboriginal community to commission this important public artwork. 

The area is now be used as an educational, ceremonial and gathering place for the community at events such as Sorry Day.

The City of Perth worked with Barking Wolf to put together a 15-minute documentary on the story of Mia Mias –  the Wellington Square Stolen Generations Artwork.