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Perth Centre of Photography Portrait of Boorloo

Portrait of Boorloo is an inaugural project aimed at showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Boorloo’s characters, particularly those individuals who have and continue to spearhead positive cultural transformation within the city.

This project, photographed by Western Australian artist Claudia Caporn, is a visual tribute to the dedicated individuals who tirelessly contribute to the city's evolution.
In this project, a selection of Boorloo’s key leaders are immortalised, with each portrait capturing their essence and commitment to driving positive change within their respective spheres of influence.
From innovative entrepreneurs, arts workers, and artists to passionate community and social activists, these individuals represent Boorloo’s cultural landscape vibrancy.
Portrait of Boorloo Screens until June 14. Mondays at 8:35, Tuesdays at 8:05 am, Wednesdays at 8:35 am Thursdays at 9:05 am, Fridays at 9:35 am and at varied times on weekends and public holidays from the Northbridge Piazza Superscreen.
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    Northbridge Piazza

    Cnr Lake and James Street

    Northbridge WA 6003

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