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The Melbourne Hotel Kei Suke

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Introducing the first Keisuke in Australia, renowned throughout Asia, The Melbourne Hotel brings Japanese born Keisuke Takeda’s famous ramen noodle bar to the shores of Perth.

A great choice for the ramen connoisseur. The Keisuke brand was born from its founder Keisuke Takeda, who originated from Hiroshima. He was always fond of cooking as a child and so began his career as a chef in a French restaurant where he worked for 12 years. It wasn’t long before he found himself honing his skills in a Japanese restaurant where he worked for 5 years before opening is own restaurant “Bimisenryu Tanka” a modern Japanese Restaurant.  In 2005, Keisuke Takada saw an opportunity in ramen to be innovative and creative unlike with other cuisines.  

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