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Giant Coffee

Is it hard to find a high quality specialty coffee shop in Perth? People from Melbourne say Giant is one of the very few coffee shops as good as Melbourne's.

They serve the perfect cup of specialty espresso coffee. They are also the only place serving a quality Einspanner in Perth and the only coffee shop serving fresh brewed specialty cold brew with choices.
Can't find nice pastries in Perth? Sure, we have it. Are you tired of eating hard bagels? Come and have our nice chewy bagels with fillings. Or... do you always have to ask for butter when you buy muffins because they are so dry? Feel the moisture at Giant. We have limited items to choose from but none of them are ordinary.
Despite being a specialty coffee shop, Giant is very well known for its matcha latte. We use a high quality matcha to make our mix and limit the sweetness to enhance the flavour.

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