Painting of the 13x13m Mary Raine mural began on February 17th (Mary Raine's birthday) and the *almost* finished mural was unveiled on International Women's Day, March 8th 2021, in celebration and honour of Mary Raine's success as a businesswoman, philanthropist and founder of the Raine Medical Research Foundation. 

Who is Mary Raine?

From extremely humble beginnings in England, Mary Raine traveled to Australia. Working as a barmaid, she saved all her pennies and managed to buy some property, a great feat in this male dominated age.

After the property boom in the 1920s she found herself to become quite the wealthy woman. She married Joe Raine late in life, she was 66 years old and he was 13 years her junior. She never imagined he would pass before her so she was devastated when he suffered a severe stroke and died in 1957.

As Mary had no children, she decided to leave her property portfolio to UWA to launch a trust to start a medical research foundation. Her hope was that one day, no one would have to suffer the same pain that she did.