Businesses and shop fronts

Shop fronts and cafes typically offer light, bright locations for plants to thrive. With clever spatial design, plant life can entice passers-by to take a closer look, even in confined spaces. 

Simple arrangements of pots will have a big impact in a shop front. Make sure you select similar pot styles and plants that create a cohesive theme which balances with the rest of the shop’s interior. 

Cascading vines or succulents in built-in window boxes are a great way to add some colour and life to a plain window, too. If you don’t have a window box, movable planters with castors also work very well.

Olive, cumquat or lemon trees can provide beautiful amenity and double as useful in café or restaurant kitchens. Choose herbs that you can also use in drinks or in meals. 

Vegetated pergolas create lovely shaded areas for patrons to sit under while living walls can have a big impact. 

Here is our pick of the top five plants to green up your business space this autumn, indoors or outdoors.

Olea Europaea – Olive Tree
Howea Forsteriana – Kentia Palm
Ficus Pumila – Climbing Fig
Mentha Viridis – Mint
Echeveria Sp – Native Iris. 

For further information on plant selection and greening your inner-city space, download the City of Perth’s Micro Greening Guide.

Keep an eye out on our next Micro Greening blogs on where to find the best pots and plants in Perth, and tips and tricks on how to keep your plants alive.