Studies have shown that reading improves your mental stimulation, making it similar to brain training exercises. It improves your vocabulary and general knowledge base, by exposing you to more words and ideas you may not have known existed. It’s been shown to lower stress and anxiety, by forcing your mind to focus on the words in front of you rather than drift off into thought.

And most importantly, having a well-stocked bookshelf in your living room makes you look very intelligent, cultured and impressive to visitors, doesn’t it?

So to help you on your quest to update your book collection, here are the best bookstores in Perth.

Boffins Books - William Street

Since first opening its doors in the CBD way back in 1989, Boffins has gone on to become of Perth’s favourite bookshops. In fact - if you’re the type of person who is impressed by awards - Boffins has won the title of Australia’s Best Specialist Bookseller six times running. No mean feat. This accolade is likely due to their huge selection of books across a variety of genres, from popular international bestsellers, to specialist niche topics by smaller publishers. It’s impossible to walk in to this place and leave empty-handed.