Dan’s built his StreetX brand from humble beginnings as a small online store back in 2011, to now a booming fashion powerhouse here in Perth and overseas. With his flagship store on William Street in Northbridge, you’ll see StreetX brands popping up in retail stockists across the world too, in USA, Switzerland, China, Japan and more. 

“We do a lot of stuff to evoke emotion from people. And that’s because we want to distract people, we want people to stop what they’re doing and be like wow, look what those guys are doing,” he said. 

Dan’s success has come from having a different perception of what Perth has to offer. He tells us what it takes to smash through Perth’s perceived “glass ceiling”, pushing back against the notion that we’re too small to make an impact, be it on a local, national or global scale. 

“Many industries, music, arts, everyone sort of tries to portray life elsewhere, when we’ve got so much opportunity here, why not focus and build upon that?” 

“We want to smash that idea that you have to leave Perth to be successful.” 

Brand collaboration and supporting other Perth small businesses is a big part of what StreetX is about, with StreetX’s latest tees - a collaboration with Chu Bakery - hitting online stores this week. 

We look forward to seeing what’s next for Perth prodigy Dan Bradshaw.