This month I have discovered some of the many beautiful walking spots around the city, some I never knew even existed! With beautiful surrounds, they will take you from the beaten city path to beautiful trails running through some of WA’s highest calibre scenery. Perthies love a good walk, but I bet you don't venture from your normal route that often. So wack a hat on, slather on some sunscreen, tie up your laces and top up your water bottle. I would recommend going to:

Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, Kings Park, Perth:
I picked up the kids from school and decided to take the boys and my Golden Retriever Axel for a walk on the Kokoda Track Memorial walk which is situated at King’s Park. I parked and then it took me about 5 to 10 minutes of walking before I reached the start of the trail. It’s more of a climb up than a walk but I love stair climbing and doing anything uphill. 

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk is a tribute to the bravery of Australian troops who fought in the Papua New Guinea campaign of July 1942 to January 1943. The Kokoda Walk begins at Kennedy Fountain on Mounts Bay Road with a climb of 150 steep steps (with a vertical rise of 62 metres). Follow the plaques along the steps to the State War Memorial where the track ends.

Fitness enthusiasts like to use this for stair training and for me personally I LOVE stair and trail running more than any other form of running - I always say anything uphill is always worth doing! It was getting busier with people going up and down more seriously when it got to about 5pm; though it’s a quieter option if you think Jacob’s Ladder is too crowded for your workout. It’s such a beauty of a walk with amazing views at the top (and dog friendly which is a huge plus for us after school). We had refreshments at the Kings Park Kiosk after and I felt no rush to head home!