Sneakers have become a genre of shoe in itself. Sneaker culture as we know it today began in the 20’s when Adi Dasler created Adidas and it has since branched off into a colourful and crazy world of its own. You have other older brands like Superga or Chuck Taylor that are still popular in their original form today, while brands like Nike and New Balance continuously innovate statement sneakers. One-upmanship is a classic hallmark of ‘Sneakerhead’ culture, some of the latest being Nike Air Max’s Golf 'Grass' shoe that is covered in an AstroTurf. And in a delicious development Ben & Jerry's x Nike 'Chunky Dunky' looks just like their signature pint design. 

You might be a full-blown sneaker collector or just looking for a clean new pair of converse, either way, these are the top places in Perth to find them:

Highs & Lows

One of the first boutique sneaker stores to hit Perth, High’s and Lows continue to bring the goods. Curating a global range of menswear and streetwear from cult brands like Call Me 917 and Patta, they’re also well known for staying ahead of the curve in the world of shoes, whether it’s their look back at Nike 95 Era 'Air Max Safari' or the futuristic Nike 'Space Hippie 04'. 

Culture Kings 

With over 100 brands and an extensive cult following, Culture Kings is a nightclub-sized streetwear outlet that boasts 1,000+ styles of headwear, 3,000 styles of apparel and 600+ styles of footwear. For the Sneakerheads, you’ll find all your staple brands, from Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Jordan. With their own Holy Grail machine inside and some of Perth’s best RnB DJ’s spinning vinyl, it’s a must visit. 


If streetwear is your thing but you’re tired of seeing the same mainstream brands everywhere, then Hypnotise on William Street will be a refreshing diversion. Stocked entirely with lesser known designers with cult followings, like Opening Ceremony, Damir Doma and Dim E Cres. For Sneakerheads that like to keep their footwear minimal but interesting, they stock brands like Maison Margiela that re-envision the simple tennis shoe with platform wide toothed soles. Their collaboration between Adidas and Rick Owens is another example, turning a plain black or white shoe into something that looks like it belongs in a museum for modern architecture. 


If you shudder at the thought of seeing everyone wearing the same sneakers as you, Lessons is the place to shop. Stocking exclusive contemporary and luxury designer wear in the stunning State Buildings, Lessons bring streetwear from Versace, Off-White and Amiri. Their range of statement shoes are made to stand out, each one with a unique personality of its own and price bracket only for the most dedicated of Sneakerheads. Fun fact, their only other boutique outside Perth is in Ottawa, Canada!