News and Current Affairs

If you haven’t quite got to the stage of COVID-19 news fatigue, Coronacast is a great source of daily information. Keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing situation in a clear and easily understandable way as this cast seeks to answer all your COVID-19 questions. You can submit a question here.   

The Global News Podcast from the BBC does what it says on the tin – present top stories from around the world – twice daily on weekdays and once a day on the weekend. Each episode of around 30 minutes covers two or more key topics in a suitable amount of depth.  

Hosted by The Project’s Waleed Aly and ABC Religion and Ethics Editor Scott Stephens, The Minefield is a great one to get you thinking. Each week Waleed and Scott have philosophical discussions with a different guest about the ethical dilemmas we are confronted by in modern life. The conversations are deep and inspiring.