Former degraded industrial site

Before the City Farm crew moved in, the half-acre plot was a disused and degraded industrial site. The soil was so contaminated that 1.5 metres of it had to get carted off and replaced, and volunteers spent years remediating the site. In 2004 Perth City Farm gained organic certification for produce grown there- a massive achievement considering how degraded the site had been.

The first organic market in Perth

Their Saturday Farmer’s Market was the first organic market to be established in Perth in 2004, and still enjoys a cult following of people seeking the best produce available in the city. City Farm sells their own produce and provides space for other farmers to sell their wares- fruit, vegetables, honey, bread, microgreens, eggs, meat, olive oil and grocery items are available plus a revolving range of handmade items like soaps, jewelry and gifts.

1999 - The first wedding

The first wedding to happen at Perth City Farm occurred in 1999 and celebrated the love of   Founder Rosanne Scott, and long term volunteer and staff member Thom Scott who met at City Farm. They chose a ‘Midsummer Nights Dream’ theme, had guests arrive in costume and were wed at the strike of midnight! Since then this urban oasis has become an extremely popular place for couples to say ‘I do,’ with three weddings each weekend in summer.

Interesting wildlife

Although it sits in an extremely urban location plenty of native creatures make use of habitat provided by City Farm. Volunteers have spotted colonies of native bees, boobook owls, hawks and even a snake.