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Utopia William St.

The 1st Bubble Tea co. Western Australian owned and operated since 2001
That is why through the years they have worked hard to create a brand that YOU can get behind! So why choose UTOPIA?

1. UTOPIA is 100% Western Australian owned and operated.

2. At UTOPIA we have honed our skill in preparing our proprietary in-house natural sugar made 100% brown sugar with no added preservatives or additives. It’s this expensive and time- consuming process which gives our Bubble Tea its unique taste and aroma!

3. UTOPIA insists on using sago that must be kept in the freezer at all times as it contains NO added preservatives!

4. At UTOPIA all tea flavoured Bubble Tea is freshly brewed and most of the fruit teas are made with fresh fruits, yet that’s made to order!

5. UTOPIA Pastries made with quality ingredients and fresh cream, creative sweet creations that delight your loved ones.

At UTOPIA we hold ourselves to such a high standard as we truly believe in giving only the best to people, as it’s our philosophy that this is how the world can move towards creating a UTOPIA on Earth, one lovingly made Bubble Tea at a time!

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