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Perth Centre for Photography

The Perth Centre for Photography is Perth’s only dedicated photomedia gallery.

They offer an environment that promotes an understanding and appreciation of contemporary photographic practices.

PCP was established in 1992 as the Photography Gallery of WA. Their aim is to promote and support emerging and established photo-based art in Western Australia. In conjunction with their outstanding exhibition program, PCP has developed a range of initiatives including competitive awards, and a broad and engaging education and outreach program aimed at supporting photographers who wish to expand their practice.

Perth Centre for Photography's gallery spaces, office and workshop headquarters are located at the King Street Art Centre, Perth. PCP is wheelchair accessible via Munster Lane.

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    Perth Centre for Photography is pleased to present And Yet It Moves by TRES (Mexico City), State of Change by Emilio Cresciani (NSW), and S A P I L A N D by Johannes Reinhart (PER). The exhibitions explore humankind's footprint on the Earth, reminding viewers of the ancient, historical tie they share with nature.

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    LIGHT YEARS 1999-2019: exhibition showcases modern lightbox technology and leading Australian photographic artists

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