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Portrait of Boorloo

Portrait of Boorloo

Visit 45 London Court to see ‘Portrait of Boorloo’, a documentary project led by the Perth Centre for Photography (PCP) aimed at showcasing the vibrant tapestry of some of Boorloo’s most dedicated individuals who work tirelessly towards inspiring positive cultural transformation for all within the city.

In this first edition, PCP has worked with talented WA artist, and Curtin University graduate, Claudia Caporn to meet and photograph these individuals. 
Claudia Caporn is a fine art documentary photographer based in Quairading, Australia. The duopoly of this parallel existence in rural Australia and urban city is deeply ingrained in her photographic practice, with her works exploring the vernacular aesthetics and human experiences in rural Australia, as well as examining the contemporary concepts and realities of place, legacy and notions of identity associated with Australian culture.
Pictured here is Muhammad Shakeeb, from the Perth Mosque.
‘I am dedicated to fostering unity, inclusivity, and understanding within our diverse community. The Perth Mosque actively engages in various initiatives to promote harmony and create a more cohesive society’.
Muhammad Shakeeb, as an Imam based in Perth, Australia, has a personal background rooted in the Western Australian community.
Growing up in Western Australia and attending Riverton Primary School and Lynwood High School, Muhammad Shakeeb has a deep understanding of the local culture and community dynamics.
His journey to becoming an Imam stems from his quest to discover the greater meaning in life. This led him to pursue religion and ultimately embrace the role of an Imam.
One of the mosque’s key endeavors is to participate in interfaith dialogues, where representatives from different religious communities come together to share their beliefs, experiences, and build mutual understanding. These dialogues help bridge gaps and cultivate respect among different faiths. By actively engaging with the wider community, the mosque aims to dispel misconceptions and foster a more inclusive environment.
See the full series at 45 London Court Perth until 11 May 2024.
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Image © Claudia Caporn 
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Imam Mohammed Shakeeb Perth Mosque