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Chicho Gelato

Chicho Gelato

Chicho Gelato is serving up sorbet and gelato, but not like you know it.

This ‘new wave’ gelataria in Northbridge has up to 20 flavours on rotation at any given time, all made fresh daily using local produce. Chicho Gelato started as a humble Sicilian gelato cart, finessing the art of gelato making in Italy - so they know their stuff!

Let your tastebuds explore quirky flavours like black sesame grilled banana and burnt butter popcorn. And with exciting seasonal flavours such as matcha red bean pancake, there is always something new to try.

Hungry for more? Chicho Gelato have teamed up with No Mafia and Francoforte for the ultimate Italian progressive dinner. Tre Amici is available Monday to Thursday for just $35 per person and ends with a gelato from Chicho Gelato.

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