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Bobs Bar

Bob's Bar

You’ve got to love a bar named after one of Australia’s most colourful Prime Ministers and set on the rooftop of the old West Australian newspaper print factory.

Steeped in history and with a tongue in cheek approach, Bob’s Bar has long been a rooftop fave for Perth locals when the sun is shining.

Bob’s booze list is impressive with a top selection of craft beers and local wines, as is the neon sign above the bar which states; “Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum” the quote Bob Hawke famously dropped when Australia II won the America’s Cup in 1983 and the nation celebrated.

There’s lots to love about Bob’s Bar…it’s relaxed and relaxing, a great place to catch up with friends, share a drink and a laugh and celebrate all that’s great about being an Aussie and living in Perth.

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