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Hidden Treasures Self-Guided Tours

Universities sometimes have a reputation for being serious and stuffy, but not Curtin Uni in Bentley.

The campus has a surprising treasure box of art, gardens, architecture and activities, and exploring these riches is not just for students!

The campus is famous for its open spaces and giant pine trees, as well as tranquil outdoor spots like the Japanese Garden and Sculpture Garden.

A self-guided audio tour is available, including appearances from the campus horticulturalist and notable artists Stormie Mills and Hayley Welsh.

If you are heading out with the family, the “Curtin Nature Trail” on the Nature Play WA app might be more your style, featuring a kid-friendly outdoor adventure on the campus grounds. Alternatively, there’s a downloadable map of whimsical “Whozits and Whatzits” including the Music Mushrooms, Wall Scrabble and koi pond that are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained.

No matter which Hidden Treasures adventure you choose, why not round out your visit with a coffee at the Hammock Hotel or picnic from the rotating selection of Perth’s fav food trucks?

Just be sure to check out the Curtin Uni website or socials first, as some activities and food trucks are only available on certain days.

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