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Michio Kaku the future of humanity promotional poster

The Future of Humanity with Michio Kaku

Human civilisation is replete with dreamers, but not all dreamers are made equal.

Most dreamers, for example, do not pose a revolutionary new way of scientifically understanding the matter that comprises everything we see (and don’t see) around us.

As if developing string theory to accomplish this was not enough, the world-renowned theoretical physicist Dr Michio Kaku tackles unique terrestrial and extra-terrestrial concerns of the 21st century, and brings them to Australia and New Zealand in 2018 in ‘The Future of Humanity’.

With the help of the exciting new enterprise ‘42’, join Dr Michio Kaku as he expands his scope yet again, setting his sights ever-outward beyond the quantum - beyond the grey matter swishing around in our skulls, beyond the bipedal meat sacks we’ve evolved to carry them, beyond this pale blue dot we inhabit and over to that red one...and beyond that, too. All in one evening.

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    Event Showings

    Monday 12 November, 7.30pm to 10.30pm

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    From $52

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    5 St Georges Terrace

    Perth WA 6000