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State of Change / And Yet It Moves / S A P I L A N D

Perth Centre for Photography is pleased to present three new exhibitions - And Yet It Moves by TRES, State of Change by Emilio Cresciani, and S A P I L A N Dby Johannes Reinhart.

Friday, 20 May 2022
6 pm - 8 pm
Refreshments and card facilities will be available
RSVP essential
Exhibition continues: 21 May 2022 - 2 July 2022
State of Change - Emilio Cresciani
The ice caps are melting. New landscapes are created through rising sea levels. And as the ice sheets shrink, more light is absorbed onto the earth’s surface, further accelerating global warming. A vicious circle.
Drawing together works using both darkroom and digital techniques State of Change captures the fascinating transformation of ice into water. 
Emilio Cresciani is an artist who lives and works on Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia). He graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 2012 in photo media.
And Yet It Moves - TRES
And Yet it Moves is part of the Ubiquitous Trash series by TRES, a photography-based project that explores the social life of the abandoned and peculiar objects we call trash.
Beginning in 2015 with an exploration of waste found in and around Hong Kong, the project then moved to the beaches of Australia in 2016. The Mexican art collective travelled around Australia, driving, living and picking up trash in a campervan. Their result: 6,383kms, 24 campsites, 29 driving days, 11 flights, a collection of thousands of indistinct well-travelled trash, and an ecological understanding of its journey.
S A P I L A N D - Johannes Reinhart
We might be the only species that is aware of nature and its crucial role in our survival. But to this day, we fail to even plan to act in a unified way to live sustainably on this one and only planet Earth.
The quest for survival and living space has driven humans to be the dominant species in this world. But the endless thirst for more, and the need to control nature begs the question: ‘How long is this going to work before we find ourselves on an inhospitable planet?”
This new photo series by Johannes Reinhart calls attention to the paradoxical relationship modern humans have with nature.
Internationally exhibited photographer Johannes Reinhart was born in Germany and has lived in Perth, Western Australia since 2000.
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If you are planning on visiting the gallery and have special access needs, please contact the gallery in advance at Access via Munster Lane is closed after hours and on Saturdays.
Please be mindful of others and if you are feeling unwell, save your visit for a more suitable time.
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    OPENING NIGHT Friday 20 May 2022 | 6 pm - 8 pm
    Exhibition continues: 21 May 2022 - 2 July 2022

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