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New Udon Idea Competition!

Hifumiya is holding a New Udon Idea Competition from 1st of June!! The winner of the competition will be given $1000 CASH!!!
Here's how it works:
From 1st to 15th June, please send your new udon idea to us via email ( Anyone can join and any idea is welcomed. THE CRAZIER THE BETTER!! But of course, traditional ones that we have not yet introduced will be considered as well. The proposal could be simple as "Add XXX and YYY with ZZZ sauce" type of suggestion or If you are really crazy about Udon, you can suggest the complete recipe!! Even our own staff are allowed to join the competition so this may become a very competitive selection. But there's nothing to lose! Throw in your idea and you could win a handsome cash prize! Our master head chef Daisuke will choose 5 ideas from all the entries, which will then proceed to the final voting round.
From 16th to 30th June, we will be exhibiting the 5 ideas at our place and we will ask all our guests to pick one that they would want to try to most.
On 1st of July the winner will be announced and the menu will be available for a couple of months or so. The winner will:
- get to pick the name of the menu;
- be able to order the winner menu for free for the duration of its sales;

- be handed $1000 CASH at our place. If you are joining this competition from outside Perth, please be ready to come over to Perth before the sales of the new menu finishes. The cash prize will only be given at our location during trading hours until the new menu sales ends.

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    Entry accepted until 15/6/19. Voting will be held at venue from 16/6/19 to 30/6/19.

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    Free event

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    100-104 Murray Street

    Perth WA 6000