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Improv DnD Presents: Call of Cthulhu

Improv DnD Presents: Call of Cthulhu

The team behind Improv DnD are dipping their toes into the dark arts this FRINGE to bring you Improv DnD: Call of Cthulhu.

A brand-new show format based on the writings of horror’s (problematic) granddaddy H.P. Lovecraft and the (less problematic) tabletop roleplaying game - be prepared for thrills, chills, and lots of laughter as our performers confront mind-breaking cosmic horror all on the backdrop of the Roaring 20s.

Coming to you as a three-part event - follow our investigators as they journey into Lovecraft country to solve a chilling mystery and try to escape with not only their lives intact but their minds too!

Expect femme fatales, wisecracking gangsters, ancient evils, live jazz singers, and maybe even a glimpse of everyone’s favourite deep-sea spaghetti monster.

The Campaign (Jan 27 - 29)
One epic adventure played out over 3 nights – a FRINGE WORLD exclusive.
Don’t miss a second - buy every night of the campaign and get a discount.

Presented by BS Productions and State of Play