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EXCELerate Value Driven Leadership

Does your company suffer from low productivity, motivation, retention and innovation? This is a sign your workforce is unengaged, and a deeper issue with leadership.
Your business growth starts with the growth of your people, but in order to experience the full potential of your skilled workforce, you need a strong influential leader behind it who is self-aware and has a deep understanding of different personalities and how to bring peoples together to boost productivity, collaboration and the overall performance of your business. 

In this workshop, we will explore how to achieve this by being a Value-Driven Leader. An influential leader who casts a positive leadership shadow that motivates and inspires people even in your absence. Learn how your values align with your behaviour and how it impacts your leadership shadow so you can strengthen relationships with your team, co-workers, customers and clients.

In this session, you will:
• Gain clarity on your leadership approach and vision
• Understand value-driven organisations and decision making
• Leverage your natural leadership style

Our hands-on workshops guarantee a better uptake of tools, skills and shifted thinking. This is the last EXCELerate workshop for the year so if you have been wanting to develop your leadership now is the time. Make sure to grab your tickets early so you don't miss out. Join us and discover your full leadership power! For tickets, click here.
EXCELerate Leadership Program is a series of workshops designed for aspiring and professional leaders with 6 fundamental skills to excel and accelerate their leadership and business.

1. Value-Driven Leadership
2. Art of Cooperation
3. Playful Communication
4. Conflict & Problem-Solving
5. Boosting Motivation
6. Powerful Mentoring
We also deliver private training for businesses catered to your needs. Reach out to our friendly team for more information via 0497786555 or email

For tickets, click here.
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    4th of October from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

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    37 Barrack Street

    Perth WA 6000