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Emerging Writers' Group FREE Play Readings

As part of the Black Swan State Theatre Company’s Emerging Writers’ Group (EWG) five emerging playwrights will deliver free public play readings.

EWG has been the hotbed for many successful plays, and has amongst its alumni - Gita Bezard, Chris Isaacs, Tyler Jacob Jones, Frieda Lee, Joe Paradise Lui, Will O’Mahony, Zoe Pepper, Clare Tesoni and Mararo Wangai. The 2019 EWG is composed of five emerging playwrights: Michelle Aitken, Zac James, Doreshawar Khan, Daley King and Sam Nerida. They have each completed a new first draft with the dramaturgy and guidance from Black Swan’s Director of New Writing – Jeffrey Jay Fowler. The goal of the EWG is to foster Western Australia’s next generation of unique, brave and challenging theatrical voices and to pave the way for live performance that is an integral part of Perth’s artistic culture.  

Kind Regards by Michelle Aitken | 19 October | 11am

A questionably autobiographical play about family, peace offerings and unrequited emails.

Cast includes:  Michelle Aitken

Curiosity by Daley King | 2 November | 11am

Curiosity is an intimate exploration of connection and loneliness, through the eyes of a troubled relief teacher and a troubling student.

Cast includes: Sun-Mi Clyburn, Daley King, Ben Sutton

Fumble by Sam Nerida | 2 November | 4pm

A play about family, tolerance, and what we need from one another.

Cast Includes: Morgan Owen, Angela Mahlatjie, Ben Sutton, Alison van Reeken

1942 by Zac James | 16 November | 11am

Explores the life of a young Indigenous family and the struggles they face during the throes of WWII, on and off shore.

Cast includes: Bruce Denny, Bobbie Henry, Geoff Kelso, Della Rae Morrison, Calen Tassone, Ben Sutton

Zmakkah by Doreshawar Khan | 16 November | 4pm 

A play that recounts the final hours of the last human on earth, an Afghan mercenary named Havvah, who is on a mission to deliver a valuable cultural artefact to a sacred site before she runs out of oxygen.

Cast includes: Laila Bano Rind, Holly Jones, Mararo Wangai

Supported by City of Perth and Malcolm Robertson Foundation.