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Deep Rest 4 Week Course with Rosie Ryan

Deep Rest 4 Week Course with Rosie Ryan

Deep Rest is your birthright. Give yourself the opportunity to learn how to rest deeply. This course will help you nurture your inner healer and is the ultimate act of self care.

The course is research based and a complement to other forms of health care. Our unique program interweaves Restorative Yoga, Gentle Movement, Pranayama (breath control) and Meditation. Learn practices which will nurture your nervous system, body and mind through creating new neural pathways. This program helps with stress, anxiety, burn out, exhaustion and chronic health conditions. There is no experience required and it is suitable for all levels of practitioners.
You will learn:
  • the science of stress reduction
  • gentle movement sequences to practice at home
  • simple breathing techniques (pranayama) to create change in your nervous system
  • the way in which yoga and meditative practice help rewire our brain.
  • how to integrate these practices into daily life
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    7 Jul - 17 Aug | 7:30pm - 8:45pm

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    6/79 Colin Street

    West Perth WA 6005