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Computers and devices -- Tutoring at Citiplace Community Centre

Is your email not delivering? Are you calling your new (or old) phone names you wouldn’t want kids to hear? Do you dread online forms even more than paper ones? Or perhaps you just want to further your skills a bit—deal with your photos or put your budget on Excel.

Help is at hand. One-hour sessions with skilled volunteer tutors to help you solve your problems one at a time and build your skills, whatever your device or your starting level.

Ring 9461 3550 and let them know what your issue is. The cost is $5.00 per 1-hour session. They will find you a time slot with one of our friendly volunteers who can help to fix your phone apps, tame your tablet or corral your computer! 

Citiplace Community Centre is wheelchair accessible at Perth's central train station, and also adjoins CPP Citiplace undercover car park which has ACROD parking.

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    One-on-one sessions are scheduled throughout the day, Monday to Friday, depending on tutor availability.

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