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Brain Awareness Week at Scitech

Brain Awareness Week at Scitech

Come along to Scitech this Sunday to celebrate Brain Awareness Week with a range of fun activities!

Hosted by The University of Western Australia and Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science, discover the wonders of the brain and why it is so important.
Colour in a brain hat or brain chatterbox, take part in a classic game of Memory and learn how the brain processes information with optical illusions. Plus, take a closer look at a collection of real and 3D-printed brains from a range of animal species including a sheep, goldfish and shark. 

Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. This year, Brain Awareness Week is celebrated from 13 – 19 March.

This event is included in the entry cost of the day, no additional fees are required.

Key activities:

  • A range of optical illusions
  • The Memory game: A classic activity that engages parents and children alike
  • A collection of real and 3D-printed brains from a range of animals (sheep, hamster, rat, mouse, fat-tailed dunnart, lizard, goldfish, sharks). Brain shape and are discussed with children
  • in simple evolutionary and ecological contexts
  • Colouring in activities: brain hat and brain chatterbox, teaching interesting facts about the brain to spark children’s interest and discussion
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    Sun 19 Mar | 11am - 3pm

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    City West Centre, cnr Railway and Sutherland Street

    West Perth WA 6005