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Ashtanga Yoga for Life: Class & Conference

Ashtanga Yoga for Life: Class & Conference

Ashtanga Yoga has a reputation for being a gymnastic and dynamic practice focused on performative asana. However when approached with maturity, the Ashtanga practice can be a life long refuge, supporting your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

In this class Rob leads you through his approach to Ashtanga amidst the busyness of life, work, parenting and ageing. Class begins with pranayama, approaches the sequence with an encouragement to embody ease and finishes with a guided Yoga Nidra.

Following class will be a "conference" - an opportunity to reflect on your relationship to your practice.

Places are limited.
Members: Free
Public: $45
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    6 March | 8am - 9:45am

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    79 Colin Street

    West Perth WA 6005