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Get Chunky

Why settle for a milk arrowroot when there’s cookies like these on your doorstep?! Not content to settle for boring biscuits, the team at Get Chunky have pumped their creations with flavour and love to create some of the best sweet treats around.

The Get Chunky signature is yummy chunks (think choc chunks, cherries and more) within a gooey, crunchy cookie. And if you want to take it to the next level, try a literal flavour injection of Nutella or custard, or have the team transform your cookie into a giant ice cream sandwich complete with sprinkles.

The Vic Park store is home to Australia’s first MYO edible cookie dough bar. Get Chunky have crafted an indulgent cookie dough that’s safe to eat raw, and you get to add all your favourite toppings for one of Perth’s most unique desserts. 

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