From the Cantonese style brunch Yum Cha, to Beijing’s famous Peking duck. What’s not to love? 

While a lot of westerners consider Chinese food to be one big cuisine, it’s actually separated into many different regional styles of cooking. There’s Cantonese, responsible for the recognisable fried rice, stir fries and sweet and sour dishes, as well as the spicier Northern style of cooking from Shanghai and Szechuan with chilli hot pots and hot and sour noodles. Each region is set apart by particular ingredients and cooking methods, but one common thread in all Chinese cooking is the use of ginger, garlic and spring onions, along with soy, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and bean paste. 

Here are the four best spots to find Dim Sum, Chinese BBQ and Cantonese food in the city:


William St, Northbridge
You won't be disappointed by Hongkies, the home of some seriously delicious Dim Sum like har gow prawn dumplings, and char siu bao honey BBQ pork buns. Decked out in a primary colour palette, Hongkies has an inviting and friendly atmosphere that you’ll feel right at home in. They do all the well-loved appetizers, like salt and pepper squid and Chinese style satay chicken sticks. For mains, you’ll find fragrant pork and salted vegetable noodle soups and a slightly non-traditional, but Hong Kong style spin on French Toast.