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RightW Taiwanese Sausage

We are the FIRST Taiwanese sausage shop in Perth.

Taiwanese sausage is the typical food for the Chinese festive seasons and its amazing taste is also welcomed by the Western people. 

We have four different tastes of the sausages to satisfy all customers: Original, Spicy, Garlic and Black Pepper. 

We founded RIGHTW with 4 core concepts in mind: persistence, peace of mind, integrity and innovation.

Persistence: Food safety in the recent years has raised many questions in the publics’ eye. In order to ensure all consumers will be at peace, RIGHTW Taiwan Sausage has enforced strict checkpoints in every step of the sausage making process. RIGHTW has also chosen to use Australia’s local pork leg cut because Australia has the world’s leading meat quality management system which we believe is sufficient to ensure the highest quality of sausages being produced.

Safety: The finest fresh ingredients and food additives are carefully chosen to produce all the sausages. All the ingredients used will need to have raw food material acceptance record and they need to comply with regulatory standards to ensure every ingredient is securely checked. We will never cut corners by adding starch to reduce costs or use artificial casing as a substitute, because only the freshest raw ingredients can present a sausage with beautiful colour, aroma and great quality. We have a transparent production process and certified inspection record for each step of the way.

Integrity: This is most essential teaching that has passed over the last three generation of the Wang family and they believe no matter what you do, you have to do it with integrity. The goal is to produce unforgettable traditional flavours and conquer any failures along the way. Despite the complicated, costly and time consuming traditional methods, we still insist on producing our sausages the traditional hand-made method, so that we can take our consumers back in time to indulge in the traditional flavours from 30 years ago. This is our promise and guarantee to all our consumers.

Innovation: We have started with the widely loved original flavor and expanded to developing new flavours such as: garlic, black pepper and spicy. We will continuously develop new flavours to accommodate more palates in the future, please watch this space! 


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