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Swan Valley Mini Golf


The Novotel Vines Resort & Country Club is located within the Swan Valley in Perth Western Australia.

The newest addition to the Vines Resort is the Vines mini golf course. Bordered by the stunning Vines resort setting and fields of grape vines this course blends in perfectly with the Swan Valley and makes for a fun day out with the family!

The 18 holes wind around the central waterway with a red or blue course to follow so you can do a different path each time or for the little kids they can shoot to whichever hole their ball lands near.

There is also the new and fun Supa Golf on offer, this is a modified form of golf, where the brightly coloured golf clubs, balls and putting cups are much bigger than in the traditional game, providing great entertainment for players of six years and up. Within the same complex you can also play Adventure Putt mini-golf course which is perfect for younger kids aged 2 and above with 18 (much smaller) holes.

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