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Perth City Farm

Perth City Farm

Perth City Farm is a 26 year old Urban Farm that provides space and opportunities to build community connections, and educates and enables people to live sustainably. 

They operate on a half-hectare site as a vibrant community orientated platform. The Farm features numerous activities: 

The Farm- Keen to have a wander around the farm and visit the chickens? Gates to the farm are open 8.30-4pm Monday through Friday or 8am-12noon on Saturdays.

The Venue- Want to check out the venue space? It's worth filling out an enquiry form first, to get all the relevant info before your visit. Do get in touch with them before you pop down, to make sure someone is available to open the venues and answer any questions.

Nursery- Interested in some of their seedlings and succulents? Nursery plants are on sale on weekdays (pop into the office) or from their Nursery Stall at the Saturday markets (8am-12noon).

Recycling Hub- Access to the recycling hub is anytime the front gates are open. You will find the hub opposite the toilets.

Cafe- Farmology operates onsite. Opening hours are from 7 am - 2 pm weekdays, and 8 am - 12 noon on Saturdays.