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Creative Labs

Got a burning desire to learn how to play the saxophone or some kids who want to be in a band? Then Creative Labs can teach you how to get your rock on...

The mission at Creative Labs, WA's fastest growing music school, is to create a place for inspired learning in all areas of music and promote the arts community.

The vision is to see more people get involved in music through education, and more of Perth's talented musicians stay and build their careers in Perth.

Around 20 per cent of kids in Australia learn a musical instrument. Not surprisingly, 70 per cent of adults regret not learning one. So Creative Labs' mission is to reverse those numbers.

You can learn guitar, vocals, bass, drums, piano, violin, saxophone, music theory, song writing and production; one-on-one or as part of a workshop.

Come and learn, make music and discover your talent in a professional, creative environment.

Creative Labs
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