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Mettams Pool - @aquaflyte

Mettams Pool

Mettam’s pool is popular with children, elderly people due to its calm ‘pool like’ conditions all year round. There are also a few good coffee spots close by on West Coast Drive.

The 1.5m deep reef is a highly popular snorkelling spot due to the huge amount of marine life who call the reef home. A huge variety of fish, starfish, and molluscs can be seen within a few steps from the beach. If you’re planning to snorkel the morning is the best time to avoid crowds.

Five Sundays in a year around summer time, the Department of Fisheries allow licensed public to fish for abalone for one hour a day, seeing hundreds flock to the reef to retrieve their haul.

Beach access via stairs or a ramp with toilets and an outdoor shower located at the top, as well as a few shaded tables.

This beach is not patrolled by Surf Lifesaving Clubs.


Image credit: @aquaflyte (above) and Osprey Creative (below)

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