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Whisk(e)y Wednesday - Adelphi

Our exciting and tasty 2020 continues with February's instalment of Whisk(e)y Wednesday.

This month, we'll be taking a look at the wonderful world of independent bottler Adelphi. 

Founded in 1826 originally as a distillery and now considered to be one of Scotland's most acclaimed independent bottlers, Adelphi have been pushing the boundaries and leading the way for independently bottled whiskies for some time.

We're excited to share some truly unique whiskies including an aged single malt from a historic distillery, a blended malt using stock exclusively from the Edrington portfolio and a couple of ground breaking multi nation blended malts that are world firsts.

This is all rare stock that won't be seen again and as such tickets are limited to far less than we would normally host for this event. 

We're also lucky enough to have a few cheeky spare bottles to be able able to share for retail sale on the night at some very competitive prices.
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    12 Feb | 6pm-8pm

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