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UWA Wallal Expedition Centenary

This September, The University of Western Australia is celebrating the centenary of the Wallal eclipse expedition - an iconic event that proved Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.


Led by UWA Professor Alexander Ross, the expedition to the north coast of Western Australia was a heroic effort involving astronomers, filmmakers, aviators, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and the Indigenous Nyungumarta people who welcomed the group to their land.


This is a story of science, sailing ships, surf and donkeys, and innovative ideas that changed our understanding of space, time and gravity, and showcased Western Australia as a significant player in world science. This set the stage for recent discoveries of black holes and neutron stars crashing together to create powerful explosions that send gravitational waves echoing across the universe.


As part of the centenary celebrations, visit the Winthrop Hall Undercroft for a special exhibition created by scientists, educators and renowned WA artist Mark Grey-Smith, designed to take you on a journey that starts in Wallal and finishes with the astonishing discoveries of black holes all over the universe. While you’re there, be one of the first to see the Royal Australian Mint’s Wallal Centenary commemorative coin.


Or join us for public lectures with internationally acclaimed physicist, cosmologist, and astrobiologist Regents' Professor Paul Davies AM, and Australian astrophysicist and ABC presenter, Professor Tamara Davis AM.


Or, register now for FREE talks and workshops for school students of all ages on topics ranging from black holes to quantum computers.


Whether you’re interested in science, art, history, or education, there’s something for everyone.


To find out more and register, visit


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    20 September - 2 October 2022 | 10am – 4pm

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